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Кулон "Витой с камнями" (зеленый), 1217-10-03
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Чай Черный, Матрешка - С балалайкой, Рубин, 40 g
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Скумбрия копченая, 0.9-1.2 lb
Скумбрия копченая, 0.9-1.2 lb
Творог Базарный, 0.45 кг
Творог Базарный, 0.45 кг
Сыр плавленый "Viola", 200 г
Сыр плавленый "Viola", 200 г
Творог Домашний, 0.45 кг
Творог Домашний, 0.45 кг
Хмели-Сунели, 15 г
Хмели-Сунели, 15 г
Квас "Очаковский", 2 л
Квас "Очаковский", 2 л
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Добро пожаловать в онлайн-магазин российских товаров! У нас всегда в большом выборе мясные, рыбные и молочные продукты, консервированные овощи, разнообразные напитки, выпечка и многое другое. Здесь вы найдете все, чем славится хлебосольный русский народ: от красной икры до тульского медового пряника. Любой продукт будет доставлен из нашего магазина прямо к вашему столу. Если Вы гурман русской кухни или только желаете познакомиться с ней, наши высококачественные продукты удовлетворят любого. Ощутите настоящий вкус России!
Кроме широкого ассортимента пищевых продуктов, в нашем магазине Вы найдете большое разнообразие непродовольственных товаров, привычных русским людям, но которые которые трудно найти за пределами России.

Отзывы о Магазине

Ok, I will put it simply- without RUSSIAN FOOD USA we would have been DEAD several times! We came to USA in 2005, my kids born in RIGA, everything we were eating was causing SEVERE ALLERGIES to all three of us, so I desperately searched internet a found this store and IT SAVED OUR LIVES. I ordered huge box of soups, breads from Rīga, cheese from Bauska, Russian Jans, AND voila! No more allergies! Eventually our bodies slowly adjusted but still, American food just isn't, well, food as we know it, so whenever we need yummy, healthy, natural things, or when we need our holiday Zefir, we come shopping here! Everything is always carefully wrapped and packaged for shipping, they offer free shipping if u spend $150, which is easy to do, and usually things arrive quickly. My two adult kids and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORE,we are long time clients, and plan to shop here forever, because they sell everything we LIVE. And so, we live THEM TOO!

May 11, 2020

I want to praise Russian Food USA for being such a great destination for all kinds of Russian food products. Site provides easy navigation, Customer Service is excellent and prices are quite fair. Orders arrive very quickly and are well packaged. It's a pleasure doing business with this company. Thank you and keep up good work!

Sep 18, 2018

fast shipping, number one place in THE USA to buy from. for all your russian food needs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chris L.
Aug 10, 2020

I was really satisfied with the order & the delivery. It came in 24 hours, perfectly packed. All the food was fresh & in perfect portions. I was very happy & I'm planning on ordering from this website again. The only problem is that I live in Long Island & some foods can not be delivered to me because of the distance. Other than that, I’m very happy.

Stella Price
May 3, 2020

Good site.Good products.Good choices.Delivery charges outrages and this is a factor which stops me to purchase more often.

Happy New Year!

Dec 28, 2018

Спасибо за заказ. Хорошие цены и быстрая доставка.

Apr 23, 2020

I love this service. I found my favorite items that I cannot find anywhere else. Shipping and customer service were excellent.

Jun 11, 2019

Excellent service, great food, fast delivery. highly recommended.

jacob s.
Jun 13, 2020

Horse radish was excellent. I was impressed with the speed of délivery

Apr 12, 2020

Fast shipping. Good prices. Will buy from this store again!

Aug 30, 2020