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Вафельный торт с карамелизованными орехами "Бабаевская белочка", 250 г
Вафельный шоколадный торт "Каприз" с капучино, 265 г
Торт Вафельный "Мишка Косолапый", 250 г
Торт вафельный шоколадный с фундуком "Шоколадный Принц", 290 г
Вафельные пирожные "Коровка", 200 г
Коржи песочные для торта "Рыжик", 400 г
Коржи слоеные для торта "Наполеон", 400 г
Торт шоколадно-вафельный "Аленка", 250 г
Торт шоколадно-вафельный "Каприз" шоколадный, 265 г
Торт шоколадно-вафельный "Каприз" молочный, 265 г
Торт шоколадно-вафельный "Каприз" с орехами, 265 г
Тортик шоколадно-вафельный, 250 г

As far as Russian tea ceremony is impossible without traditional Russian Wafer cake, we offer to choose your favorite at our shop and buy online.

Delicate air waffles soaked in condensed milk cream - what could be better?

Waffle cake in the USSR was given the role of everyday confectionery, dessert for non-holiday tea. Due to the low price and wide range, the product has gained popularity among a large part of population of the Soviet Union.

These Wafer cakes are simply adorable. It remind of childhood cause Russian children used to have it quite often.

There are so many variations of this cake at our online store for sale:

  • Wafer Cake with caramelized nuts
  • Waffle Cake classic
  • Waffle Cake with hazelnut
  • Chocolate Waffle Cake
  • Chocolate glazed Waffle Cake
  • Praline Wafer Cake
  • Vanilla wafer cake

Waffle cakes are cooked according to traditional recipes. Confectioners of the leading brands of Russia use the highest quality flour, delicious crispy nuts and real Russian chocolate, no GMO, less sugar, no artificial preservatives.

Want to know how to make russian tea time?
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