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SKU: 311839
Рыба Сушеная, Тарань Астраханская
SKU: 3106823
Спинка леща, 0.33 lb/ 150 g
Спинка леща, 0.33 lb/ 150 g
SKU: 307112
Соленая чехонька с паприкой, 90 г
SKU: 203090
Соленая рыбка "Балычок", 90 г
SKU: 202914
Соленая "Форелька", 90 г
Соленая "Форелька", 90 г
SKU: 201887
Соленая рыбка "Gold Fish", 90 г
SKU: 200292
Соленая рыбка Crystal fish, 90 г
SKU: 200245
Соленый сушеный кальмар, 50 г
SKU: 200196
Соленая рыбка таранечка, 90 г
Соленая рыбка таранечка, 90 г

Want to drink beer in Russian-style way? Easily!

You'll need beer and don't forget to buy Russian Dried fish and Vobla online

We offer a wide range of russian dried fish and vobla for sale at our online store.

  • Trout
  • Taranka
  • Vobla
  • Bream
  • Omul
  • Smelt

There is a long tradition to serve dried fish to beer, which is quite justified in Russia: meat straws have too high price, croutons and crackers will give an increase in weight, chips, nuts are considered extremely harmful, fruits and cheese — extra exotic.

For these reasons most lovers of beer prefer fish. This product varies in names and method of drying.

Vobla - the most common dried fish and is one of the most popular snacks that are served with beer. You should appreciate this delicate mix and buy Dry Fish and Vobla online.

It has a relatively low price.

Catch this fish in the Caspian sea, which its habitat.Practically not used as an independent dish, most often it is an appetizer for beer. Due to the peculiarities of lifestyle and nutrition fish has a unique taste.

The Main Benefits For Our Clients Ordering Russian Dried fish and Vobla at RussianFoodUSA.com

  • Very simple and reliable payment system, so it is easy - to buy online
  • Reasonable price
  • Delivery to the door
  • Having dried fish, you have an original snack for any guests with a beer
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