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Конфеты "Аленка", 0.22 кг
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Russian chocolate candy

Finding the perfect gifts for those on your shopping list can be stressful. You understandably have a budget that you need to stay within when shopping for presents. However, you also want to select a gift that the recipients will love and that shows that you put some thought into the selection of the gift. Buying Russian candy is a great gift idea for those with a Russian background, for those who have traveled to the area recently and even for those who simply enjoy the finer things in life. In fact, there are dozens of different kinds of chocolate candy from Russia that you can purchase at various price points.

Specialty Chocolate Candies

If you have never shopped around for Russian candy before, you may be astounded by the wide range of products available to choose from. You may know which types of candies your recipients love, or you may choose to give some of your own favorites with the hope that they will also love the selections. Some types of specialty chocolate candies include chocolate-covered wafers, chocolate truffles, chocolate candy bars, marshmallow chocolates, cappuccino cream chocolates, white cream-filled chocolates, hazelnut chocolates and more. When you look at the prices of these candies, keep in mind that some are sold in a package. Others are sold as individual candies per weight. With the Russian candies that are sold individually, you can purchase a decorative container or tin separately to dress up your gift.

Fruit-Filled Chocolates

When you are shopping for chocolate candy to give as a gift to someone special, you can find many Russian selections that have a fruit filling. For example, some have a strawberry jelly, a strawberry cream filling or other variations of this popular fruit. Raspberries, prunes, apricots, and others are also available. These generally have fruit or fruit-flavored filling in the center and are surrounded by chocolate. Variations are available with nuts and seeds, such as chocolate-covered sunflower seeds or roasted nuts.

Special Tins and Containers

While some types of Russian candy are sold individually and are priced per pound, others are sold in containers. Some of these containers are as simple as a sealed plastic bag, but others have a decorative look. For example, some containers look like liquor bottles, holiday ornaments, nesting dolls and more. Remember that even candies that are individually wrapped may have decorative wrapping that is indicative of the Russian culture in some way. If you are looking for an easy way to control the cost of your gift, buying individual candies based on weight is a smart idea. You can even mix and match multiple types of individual candies to add differentiation to your gift.

If you are looking for a wonderful gift for someone special, buying special candies is a great idea. Many people have a sweet tooth, but it may not seem sufficient to purchase everyday candies that they can pick up themselves at a local store. Purchasing the special treat of Russian candies is a smart idea, and it may be perfect for individuals who have a Russian background or even who have traveled to Russia and fell in love with candies while in the country. Now is a great time to explore the many types of candies available from Russia and to make a purchase.

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Russian chocolate candy is a favorite delicacy for the kid and adult sweet tooth!

We have a great assortment of Russian chocolate candies for sale:

  • dark and white chocolate
  • chocolate candies with mint filling
  • elite porous chocolate candies with a bubbles
  • wafer chocolate candies

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