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SKU: 315690
Цветочный Мед, Melonya, 500г
Цветочный Мед, Melonya, 500г
SKU: 315689
Гречишный Мед, Melonya, 500г
Гречишный Мед, Melonya, 500г
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Мед Королевский Липовый, BEEHIVE, 900г
SKU: 315515
Мед из Белых Цветов, BEEHIVE, 550г
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Мед из Белых Цветов, BEEHIVE, 250г
SKU: 315513
Мед Весенних Цветов, BEEHIVE, 250г
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Мёд Чистый "Луговое Разнотравье", Peroni, 500г
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Мед Алтайский "Майский" (Берестов), 500 г
Мед Алтайский "Майский" (Берестов), 500 г
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Мед Акации, 1.1 lb/ 500 g
SKU: 309995
Мёд дальневосточный липовый "Кедровый бор" 500г
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SKU: 307927
Натуральный каштановый мед, 500 г
SKU: 307924
Натуральный дягилевый мед, 500 г
SKU: 306987
Мед Алтайцвет горный, 500 г
SKU: 205467
Алтайский мед "Целитель", 500 г
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Why You Should Choose Russian Honey

Almost everyone has tried honey at some point, and many shoppers choose organic honey, as they prefer natural products to those to which preservatives or man-made ingredients have been added. However, Russian honey is in a class by itself, as it is a natural honey that features a unique flavor, taste and texture.

Russian Honey

Regular honey is harvested from the hives of domesticated honeybees in Europe, the United States and other areas of the world. However, Russian honey is a different type of product, as it is made by Burzyan wild-hive bees that have not been domesticated. In fact, these bees have been studied by scientists at the Russian Academy of Science since 1998.

The Institute of Beekeeping has found that the Burzyan wild bee–which is an endangered species in Russia – is different from domesticated honeybees in many ways, thus making their honey products different as well.

For example, this type of honey is regarded as a polyfloral honey and features a distinct fragrance, which is similar to what one would expect when walking through a meadow of flowers. In addition, Russian honey for sale is characterized by a rich texture unlike any other honey, and a satisfying aftertaste that is clearly natural, rather than diluted with preservatives.

Russian honey has been awarded over 50 gold medals at various exhibitions throughout the world, and is a consistent winner at Berlin's famous “International Green Week.” Many scientists and experts state that such honey also has medicinal properties that exceed those found in traditional honey.

Unique Russian Honey Harvesting Methods

The harvesting methods used in Russia to extract wild-hive honey from Burzyan beehives is also different from traditional harvesting methods seen in Europe and the United States: the honey is harvested only once a year during autumn. This ensures that the honey has reached peak maturity, and therefore offers the most medicinal benefits and the best taste of any honey in the world.

When it is time to collect the honey, beekeepers follow specific harvesting methods. They use special belts to climb the honey trees in which the hives are located, where they begin a gentle fumigation process. This allows them to harvest the honey without destroying the hollow. They also leave a specific amount of honey, as the bees must survive on the latter until the next harvesting season.

These unique collection methods also ensure that harmful impurities and trace elements are left out of the final honey product. This creates a delicate aroma and a clean, sweet taste that is not associated with honey that features trace elements, impurities, or man-made preservatives.

The World's Best Honey

When its tasting properties and medicinal benefits are considered, it is clear that Russian honey has little or no competition among those searching for natural honey.

When one considers the information outlined above, it is easy to see why Russian honey for sale has become extraordinarily popular throughout the world. Anyone shopping for organic honey for sale should choose all natural Russian honey for its unique texture, pleasant aroma, and unparalleled taste.


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