Пасхальный Декор для Дома

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Пасхальная Мини Открытка 7см х 7см
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Рушник Пасхальный #3 90 x 35 см
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Рушник Пасхальный #2, 90 x 35 см
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Decorated Easter Eggs - harmony of style and soulfulness.

Decorating eggs is a pre-Christian tradition (decorated eggs have been found in Sumerian and Egyptian tombs), so while this art is closely associated with Easter, you don't have to be Christian or even religious to enjoy it. If you have a wish to have decorated Easter eggs at your house - you are welcome! /p>

Hand painted wooden Easter eggs decorated with Russian Orthodox icons - the best Easter gift.

Our online-store glad to offer the great range of Decorated Easter Eggs for sale.

Russian artists are very well known for creating some of the most beautiful eggs in the world. Today we offer the Easter Eggs decorated with beautiful paintings of religious themes.

These amazing religious eggs were handmade and hand painted. The egg is hand made out of solid wood, richly decorated with beautiful golden ornaments, hand painted and lacquered over with shiny smooth lacquer. Russian wooden eggs are painted with stunning detail in style of famous antique Russian orthodox icons of 19th century. These eggs are collectable.

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