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SKU: 312029
Творог Классический 15%, Сваля, 370 г/ 0,82 фунта
SKU: 311477
Творог 9%, Сваля, 250 гр/ 0,55 фунта
SKU: 311476
Творог Обезжиренный 0,5%, Сваля, 250 гр/ 0,55 фунта
SKU: 3106706
Творог 9% Жирности,370g
Творог 9% Жирности,370g
SKU: 3106415
Творог Литовский 15%, 10.58oz/300g
SKU: 3106414
Творог Литовский 9%, 10.58oz/300g
SKU: 200060
SKU: 200057
Творог Базарный, 0.45 кг
Творог Базарный, 0.45 кг
SKU: 200282
Творог Домашний, 0.45 кг
Творог Домашний, 0.45 кг
SKU: 200132
Творог 5% жирности, 0.45 кг
SKU: 200059
Творог обезжиреный, 0.45 кг
SKU: 200058
Творог Амишей, 0.45 кг
Творог Амишей, 0.45 кг
SKU: 200056
Творог Бесарабский, 0.45 кг

Russian Farmer Cheese (Tvorog)

Russian Tvorog (Farmer Cheese) is a very popular and nutritious dairy product that is very similar to western cottage cheese, though most Russians will swear by tvorog.

Russia is a paradise for dairy food lovers, with tvorog enjoying immense popularity. Some translate this word as “curd,” while others refer to it as “cottage cheese.

The product, which is usually translated as cottage cheese, looks like Russian "homemade cheese" - a crumbly granular mass with a salty taste. There’s also an unsalted cottage cheese in blocks, with cream and jam usually added.

Soft tvorog, which is similar to quark or curd, is also made with cream, but it’s not granular and crumbled. If you add raisins and sugar, then you get a curd mass that’s used for pastry fillings, or eaten by the spoonful. Russians also make glazed bite-sized pieces from this mass, a favorite treat for children.

Tvorog is very healthy, and contains calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins and no lactose. Russian cuisine has many recipes with tvorog, especially due to its short shelf life.

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