Натуральная косметика для тела (12)

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Крем-мыло увлажняющее 500 ml
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Крем-мыло смягчающее 500 ml
Облепиховый гель для душа интенсивное питание и увлажнение. 400 ml
Облепиховый гель для душа свежесть и тонус. 400ml
Тонизирующий гель для душа Natura Siberica Kamchatka, 250ml
Питательный гель для душа "Шаманские ягоды" Kamchatka Natura Siberica, 250ml
Молодильный крем тела с яблоком, мёдом и шиповником (серия Гжель, Natura Siberica), 12.5
Питательное крем-мыло с маслом вечерней примулы, женьшеня и мускатного ореха, 500ml
Мыло ручной работы "Кедровое", натуральное, 100g
Пена для ванн Даурское spa Питание и Увлажнение, 600ml
Пена для ванн - Сибирское SPA "Молодость кожи" клодония снежная, женьшень,арника горная, 600ml
100% Снежное мыло ручной работы, кладония снежная, и 12 масел холодного отжима, 100g

The best Natura Siberica Bath, Sauna and SPA Products

These organic Natura Siberica Bath Products are formulated with exquisitely crafted extracts of Siberian herbs and Siberian plants to gently cleanse the skin while maintaining its natural softness. Wild herbs, organic butter, plants condition the skin leaving it silky smooth and soft.

Natura Siberica Bath products is not just natural cosmetics and not just cosmetics based on herbs. This is the first Russian certified organic cosmetics. And it really works.

The unique nature of the herbs which have grown uncultivated – in natural conditions of their growth, without outer stimulation, and therefore not contain any harmful substances in the formula – is that such plants have undergone a natural selection – only the most resilient, strong plants, rich in nutrients and active components, survive.

Refreshing soap and shower gel delicately cleanses and nourishes the skin, delivers toning impact, energizes the skin making it more smooth and radiant.

Soap and shower gel nourish the skin with vitamins and minerals, stimulate skin natural moisture level recovery, the skin feels smoother and more velvet. Wild Siberian herbs rich in essential oils, flavone and coumarin tone the skin, and their sparkling refreshing aroma creates sensation of freshness and comfort.

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  • handmade soap
  • bubble bath
  • hair & body thick soap
  • softening cream soap

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