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SKU: 3106322
Пористый молочный шоколад, 0.18 lb/ 80
SKU: 3106321
Пористый белый шоколад, 0.18 lb/ 80
SKU: 3106320
Пористый темный шоколад, 0.18 lb/ 80
Пористый темный шоколад, 0.18 lb/ 80

Russian chocolate bar - Superior quality at the best price.

You can buy Russian chocolate bars online at our store.
Favorite delicacy for the kid and adult sweet tooth!

We have a great assortment of Russian chocolate bars for sale:

  • dark and white chocolate
  • chocolate with mint filling elite porous
  • chocolate with bubbles
  • wafer chocolate bars

Make a purchase of the famous delicacy in our online store.
We will be happy to make delivery of your order "to the door"

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