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SKU: 314930
Каша Льняная, Eleo, 200г
Каша Льняная, Eleo, 200г
SKU: 314929
Каша Тыквенная, Eleo, 200г
Каша Тыквенная, Eleo, 200г
SKU: 314927
Масло Черного Тмина, Eleo, 250мл
SKU: 314925
Льняная Мука, Eleo, 150г
Льняная Мука, Eleo, 150г
SKU: 314514
Карамель Леденцовая Экстракт Пихты, Eleo, 19г
SKU: 314512
Карамель Леденцовая с Имбирем, Корицей и Чили, Eleo, 19г
Скидка- 11 %
SKU: 311848
Чага Молотая, Кофе и Цикорий, ChagaCoffee, 75 г
Only 2.00 left in stock
Скидка- 11 %
SKU: 311847
Чага Молотая, Кофе и Корица, ChagaCoffee, 75 г
Скидка- 11 %
SKU: 311844
Напиток кофейный Чага и Кофе, ChagaCoffee, 75 g

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SKU: 308607
Масло кедровое холодного отжима, 500 мл
SKU: 314951
Сироп Плодов Шиповника, Русский Лес, 400г
SKU: 310202
Виноградное Масло, Eleo, 250мл
SKU: 307863
Масло Амаранта,  Original Altai, 100 мл

Healthy plant-based food

It comes from plants and doesn’t contain animal ingredients such as meat, milk, eggs, or honey.

A whole-foods plant-based diet lets you meet your nutritional needs by only eating natural, minimally-processed foods where none of the ingredients come from animals.

By the way, many studies have demonstrated that whole-food, plant-based diets are effective for weight loss. They may also help you maintain weight loss in the long run.

Adopting a whole-foods, plant-based diet not only benefits your waistline, but it can also lower your risk and reduce symptoms of certain chronic diseases:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Diabetes

Your Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet—The Foods You’ll Love

Here is plant based food list that we offer at our online store to buy online:

  • Healthy Balsamic and Syrups from Russia
  • Organic food produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming
  • Natural Cooking Oils

We regularly replenish stocks of Russian Healthy plant-based foods, so we always have the freshest for sale.

All russian food you can buy online at affordable price and we’ll deliver your order worldwide.
Our shop is always a good choice since:

  • The cost is adequate and client-friendly
  • Our plant based food delivery partners are reliable
  • We genuinely care about our customers and their needs
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