Забота о Детском Здоровье

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Аскорбиновая Кислота со Вкусом Малины, ФармГрупп, 10таб х 6
SKU: 313620
Аскорбиновая Кислота Лесные Ягоды, ФармГрупп, 10таб х 6
SKU: 313619
Аскорбиновая Кислота Апельсин, 10таб х 6 шт
Аскорбиновая Кислота Апельсин, 10таб х 6 шт

A child needs a special gentle care from the very beginning of its life. Child's skin is much more delicate and sensitive than adult’s, and therefore it requires a special care. We know how it is important to choose the right healthy products to cause no harm.

The Baby Care category includes a variety of products, which were brought specially for your child from Russia. Natural massage oil has a calming and anti-inflammatory action. Mild formula shampoo specifically designed for the little ones does not irritate the eyes and nose when bathing. To prevent irritation and rash on babies’ delicate skin use an after-bath baby powder, which also absorbs moisture. Special face and body creams nourishes and protects sensitive skin. And don’t forget how much babies like to have some bath foam in the bathtub, using an organic foam will bring a lot of joy to both of you!

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