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Халва Подсолнечная со Вкусом Ванили, 270г/ 0.6 фунта
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Халва тахинно-арахисовая на фруктозе "Царская",180г
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Халва подсолнечная
Халва подсолнечная

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SKU: 200426
Халва в шоколаде "Рот Фронт", 0.22 кг
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The classic taste of Russian halva and hot black tea - taste of sweet childhood!

You can order the best Russian halva right now at our online store.

What does halva taste like?
It has an interesting texture: a bit crumbly yet a bit fluffy at the same time. The strong taste, the classic texture, the bittersweet warmth after eating it, and finally – the smell of this halva.

The only imperfection – you can't stop to eat this snack.
Strongly recommended to everyone!

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We have a big range of halva for sale:

  • sunflower halva
  • tahini (sesame) halva
  • pistachio halva
  • peanut halva
  • halva dessert
  • halva bar
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  • chocolate halva
  • halva with the taste of cocoa

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Origin Halva is a truly unique organic product - and you can buy it right now!
It is rich in vitamins E, B1, and B12, iron, magnesium, and calcium. Sunflower seed (semechki) based halva is a particularly Eastern European variety since sunflower seeds are widely grown and consumed in Eastern Europe.
Halva is vegan food: there is no butter in halva.

If you are faced with a choice of what to serve for tea - a cake, cookies or nuga, for example, purchase Russian halva - surprise the guests!
We will be happy to make delivery of your order to the USA.
Russian halva at our online shop is a top quality product at the best price.

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