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You can’t imagine Russian cuisine without salted herring.

It’s a separate dish (great snack for Russian  vodka). It’s a component of the various salads- first of all very famous “herring under the fur coat”- “Seledka pod shuboi”- I already wrote about this salad.


Food is not only a source of pleasure and a sphere of creativity but also a guide to the history of cultures. Almost every type of food or dish have their own historical basis, so by trying a local traditional dish we can get closer to understanding the history of the place. The same applies to Russian cuisine – it reflects the history and the lifestyle of the Russian nation, so let’s look today at what they eat in Russia.


Many foreigners find inexplicable the Russian love for herring which is usually eaten salted with black bread or in a salad. Living along numerous rivers, lakes and on the shores of the seas, our ancestors discovered an interesting fish: after you cook it as usual, its taste leaves much to be desired, but when you salt it, the result surpasses all expectations – the fish becomes tender with a pleasant, slightly spicy and original taste. Thus the “herring tradition” has started. In Soviet times, the herring fishery was very large, it made this fish an affordable but very tasty delicacy. Nowadays in Russia, herring remains popular and its traditional salting recipes are preserved.

Herring is a healthy, affordable and delicious type of oily fish that is packed with nutrients.

This small silver-colored fish primarily lives near coastal regions of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.

Pickled herring remains a popular food and/or ingredient to dishes in many parts of Europe including Scandinavia, the Baltic, Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the Netherlands. It is also associated with Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, becoming a staple at kiddushes and social gatherings. Pickled herring is one of the twelve dishes traditionally served at Christmas Eve in Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Pickled herring is also eaten at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve to symbolize a prosperous New Year in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and parts of Scandinavia.

Just look at how many different dishes you can cook from salty herring! Just buy herring online in our store!

Herring is particularly beneficial for its omega-3 content, and it offers one of the most concentrated sources of the fatty acid.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties

Lower triglyceride levels
Decrease levels of VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein)
Increase HDL levels

All of these changes are thought to lower the risk of cardiovascular events.

  • Herring Contains Various Antioxidants

Most people think of things like green tea and red wine when they hear the word “antioxidants.”

However, two of the most potent antioxidants are essential nutrients, namely vitamin E and selenium.

  • Herring is a good source of selenium and vitamin E, both of which have antioxidant properties.
  • Herring Provides a Substantial Amount of Vitamin D

It is common knowledge that (safe) sun exposure is the best source of vitamin D.

However, there are also some excellent food sources of vitamin D3, and herring is among the very best.

  • Rich In Protein

Herring is protein-rich, and a regular 184-gram fillet offers 33 grams of high-quality protein.

As a complete source of protein, herring provides all the essential amino acids in sufficient amounts.

Additionally, since herring only contains around 291 calories per fillet, it is a relatively low-calorie and thereby protein-dense food.

  • May Increase Nitric Oxide Production (Which Lowers Blood Pressure)

One recent study suggests that herring has the effect of increasing nitric oxide production.

This randomized trial randomly assigned male participants to either a “herring diet” of five meals per week of herring for four weeks or to a “chicken diet” with the same schedule.

The men on the herring diet showed an increase of nitric oxide in the blood compared to men on the chicken diet. Higher blood concentrations of nitric oxide tend to lower blood pressure.

  • Incredibly Rich In Vitamin B12

Herring contains large concentrations of vitamin B12.

Per 184-gram fillet, herring provides 419% of the RDI for the vitamin.

In addition, herring contains a good amount of the other B vitamins, all of which play an essential role in energy metabolism.

Vitamin B12 is one of the world’s most common nutrient deficiencies, particularly in older adults.

On this note, research shows that up to 38% of older adults may exhibit mild signs of deficiency.

  • Herring Is Very Nutrient-Dense

Herring contains large concentrations of nutrients for very few calories, which makes it a very nutrient-dense food.

For example, herring supplies every essential nutrient (in varying proportions).

This oily fish also offers many multiples of the RDI for vitamin B12 and vitamin D per 100 grams – all for only 158 calories.

  • Herring Is Affordable, and It Tastes Great

Lastly, while not technically a “health benefit,” herring also offers excellent value-for-money.

It is very cheap and easily affordable, and you can buy it in numerous different varieties whether fresh, pickled, smoked, or canned.

Herring is also a tasty fish; it is very flavorful, and it has a soft, tender flesh thanks to its high concentration of fat.

Food being healthy and nutritious isn’t always enough if nobody wants to eat it, but herring is an enjoyable food to eat.

Nutrition Facts

Calorie and Macronutrient Content of Herring Per 100g


Amount (kcal/grams)


158 kcal


0 g


9.0 g

Saturated Fat

2.0 g

Monounsaturated Fat

3.7 g

Polyunsaturated Fat

2.1 g


1729 mg


130 mg


18.0 g



Vitamin Content of Herring Per 100g




Vitamin D

167 IU

41.8 %

Vitamin B12

13.7 mcg

228 %

Vitamin B3

3.2 mg

16 %

Vitamin B6

0.3 mg

15 %

Vitamin B2

0.2 mg

14 %

Vitamin B1

0.1 mg

6 %

Vitamin B5

0.1 mg

6 %

Vitamin E

1.1 mg

5 %

Vitamin A

93.0 IU

2 %


10.0 mcg

2 %

Vitamin C

0.7 mg

1 %



Herring also contains a source of vitamin K2 (menaquinone 4), but the USDA does not publish the data for this.


Mineral Content of Herring Per 100g





36.5 mcg

52 %


236 mg

24 %


327 mg

9 %


32 mg

8 %


1.0 mg

7 %


1.1 mg

6 %


57.0 mg

6 %


0.1 mg

5 %


90.0 mg

4 %



2 %




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