Филе сельди Иваси, 500 г
Филе сельди Иваси, 500 г
$ 8.49
Артикул: 202669

Филе сельди Иваси, 500 г

Бренд: Kaija


Филе сельди малосольное идеально подходит для всевозможных закусок и салатов из сельди, так как низкое содержание соли делает этот продукт более универсальным. 

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This is a very tasty herring. The package was well packaged and arrived fairly quickly. Everything corresponds to the description of the seller. I'm happy!

delicious matjes filet.

Excellent taste, low sodium, fresh and great for "under the fur coat".

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Excellent product

After marinating it in oil, carrots, sliced onion, peppercorn, label, thyme and letting it sit for a day or two, and finally eating it with a slash of good read wine vinegar and a boil potato , it's light being in a bistro in Paris. Délicieux!

It's definitely not the best hearing I ate, much more prefer the one in glass. It's seams too sour to me, which I would not expect from the Hering

Не очень-то малосольная! И это можно понять: чтобы не испортилась.
Но хоть жирненькая.

convenient packaging for long time storage

Fresh, fresh delivery. Best product, best service.

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