Слабосоленое Филе Сельди(форелька), Kaija, 1.1 фунта/ 500 гр
Слабосоленое Филе Сельди(форелька), Kaija, 1.1 фунта/ 500 гр
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Слабосоленое Филе Сельди(форелька), Kaija, 1.1 фунта/ 500 гр

Бренд: Kaija


Как всякая рыба, селёдка высосокачественный содержит белок, а также множество необходимых нам витаминов, таких как В12 и D, которого особенно не хватает в наших широтах, омега-3 жирных кислот, селена, железа, фосфора ну и, конечно, про который все помнят со школы. И это далеко не полный список.
Селёдка хорошо усваивается, способствует поддержанию хорошего зрения, работы сердечно-сосудистой системы, а также помогает выводить вредный холестерин.

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Delicious, one thing, I am sorry that I ordered just one package.... I am waiting to get back in stock to get lots more. I recommend this product with all my heart. Great customer service, the package arrived on time in great condition. Thank you!

I order herrings mostly. Every package I received was very well packaged.
I like Ivaci Herrings and always order it when I am out of it.
Last time Ivaci was not available and I decided to try herrings "Forelka".
To be honest, I was not impressed with the taste because it did not taste like herrings, but taste is still good, maybe other people like it more than I do.
I will just stick with Ivaci.
Thank you!

I like your store, I have ordered products more than once and am always happy, everything comes in good condition, well packaged and the quality of the products is good. This time I really liked the red caviar and lightly salted trout, just delicious! Thank you, I am glad that you exist????

the best herring I have ever eaten !!!

Absolutely delicious. I am a herring addict and this just may be the best I've had yet. The filets are quite large and marinated wonderfully in a salty oil. They shipped to me well and arrived cold. My only suggestion for improvement is the packaging: when you open, oil oozes out everywhere. But, that aside, these are delicious and I will be a repeat customer.

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