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Грецкий Орех в Сосновом Сиропе, Таежный Тайник, 240г
SKU: 315604
Варенье Персиковое, Те Густо, 430г
SKU: 312936
Варенье Черничное, Империя Джемов, 550г
SKU: 312932
Варенье Облепиховое, Империя Джемов, 550г
Скидка- 38 %
SKU: 315531
Варенье Лимонное с Цедрой, Te Gusto, 430г
SKU: 315494
Барбарис Протертый с Сахаром, Te Gusto, 430г
Скидка- 33 %
SKU: 314279
Кедровый Орех в Сосновом Сиропе, Таёжный Тайник, 420г
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SKU: 313550
Скидка- 17 %
SKU: 312931
Калина Пареная с Сахаром, Таёжный Тайник, 260г
SKU: 314947
Джем Малиновый, Русский Лес, 25г
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You will find Jam & Jelly Preserves in every house of Russia!

This traditional fruit or berries delicacy can be served on the table for tea. Well goes to blinis or for sweet sandwiches!
You can buy this organic delicacy online.

Varenye (a kind of jam) is an old Russian word that means "a boiled treat», which should be like liquid marmalade.

Already want to buy Russian jelly online?

Our online store offers a wide range of sweet Russian preserves for sale:

  • Red Currant Grated Preserves
  • Black Currant Grated Preserves
  • Lingonberry Grated Preserves
  • Apricot Preserve
  • Sour Cherry Preserve
  • Quince Preserve
  • Peach Preserve
  • Cranberry Preserve
  • Walnuts Preserve
  • Rose Preserve
  • Plum Preserve
  • Black Mulberry Preserve
  • Strawberry Preserve
  • Viburnum Preserve
  • Raspberry Preserve

All these natural homemade Russian preserves you can purchase at the russianfoodusa.com online store for an affordable price. We always have a wide range of Russian jelly, Russian jam or varenye for sale, so you can order delivery to just about any place in the USA where you live. The cost will be lower than in an offline shop.

All products are 100% compliant with the manufacturers' specification.

Our store is always a good choice since:

  • All our products are high-quality and fresh
  • The cost is adequate and client-friendly
  • Our delivery partners are reliable
  • We genuinely care about our customers and their needs
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