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SKU: 315198
Икра Кабачковая ПОСТНЫЙ ПРОДУКТ, Лукашинские, 460г
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SKU: 314278
Таёжная Черемша Маринованная, Таёжный Тайник, 330г
SKU: 314399
Тертая Cвекла, Belveder, 900г
Тертая Cвекла, Belveder, 900г
SKU: 314138
Баклажанная Икра, Tamara Fruit, 700г
SKU: 3107056
Огурцы Соленые с Укропом По-Домашнему, 670 гр/ 1.48 lb
SKU: 3106821
Огурцы Малосольные, 30.43 oz/ 900 ml
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SKU: 310046
Томаты бочковые без уксуса "Тёщины рецепты" 900г
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Огурчики "От тети Сони",  540 g
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Маринованные огурцы с листом дуба, Тещины Рецепты, 430 г
Лидеры продаж
SKU: 200125
Помидоры "Под рюмочку", Закусон, 1 л
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SKU: 201656
Щавель консервированный, 480 г
Щавель консервированный, 480 г
SKU: 201418
Oгурчики "Под рюмочку", Закусон, 1 л
Only 2.00 left in stock
SKU: 200124
Огурчики "От тети Сони",  540 g
Only 1.00 left in stock
SKU: 3106860
Икра Кабачковая, Тещины Рецепты, 1.19 lb/ 540 g
SKU: 3106858
Икра Баклажанная, Тещины Рецепты, 1.19 lb/ 540 g
SKU: 203718
Маринованные огурцы,  Тещины Рецепты, 900г
Маринованные огурцы, Тещины Рецепты, 900г

Crunchy sauerkraut, delicious cucumbers, and spicy eggplants are good for you, and can be eaten all year round after being preserved. Russians have a long tradition of picking fruits and vegetables for the winter: When there were no refrigerators, the process of fermenting allowed food to be kept for a long time, saving all the nutrients. Today many nutritionists admit that probiotic foods improve digestion and boost immunity.

Russian pickled vegetables always look like they were just freshly picked: they are extremely vibrant in color, and not mushy but crisp. There is an endless variety of pickles, because Russians pickle everything that grows: cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, watermelons, cabbage, eggplants, and whatever else can fit in a jar, can, bucket, or barrel and taste good 6 months later.

Important! Russian pickled vegetables - vegetarian and low-calorie product.

At our online store we offer for sale:

  • Korean beets
  • Korean Carrots
  • Yellow Cabbage
  • Pickled Cucumbers
  • Marinated Pepper
  • Pickled Tomatoes
  • Pickled Sguash
  • Marinated Cauliflower
  • Garlic Sprouts
  • Sauerkraut
  • Wild Garlic Cheremsha
  • Green Tomatoes in Brine
  • Preserved Sorrel

You can use Russian pickled vegetables as a separate dish or add to salads. For example, with sauerkraut you can cook the famous Russian soup - schi.

We regularly replenish stocks of Russian-style pickled vegetables, so we always have the freshest for sale.

All goods you can buy online at affordable price and we’ll deliver your order worldwide.
Our shop is always a good choice since:

  • The cost is adequate and client-friendly
  • Our delivery partners are reliable
  • We genuinely care about our customers and their needs
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