Скумбрия копченая, 0.9-1.2 lb
Скумбрия копченая, 0.9-1.2 lb
$ 12.99
Скумбрия копченая, 0.9-1.2 lb

Скумбрия копченая, 0.9-1.2 lb

Артикул: 200093

Скумбрия копченая - довольно жирная рыба, которая богата витаминами и минералами. Конечно, какая-то часть из них теряется при приготовлении, но все же она содержит в себе витамины группы В, витамин D, жирные омега-кислоты, которые необходимы для нормального функционирования огранизма. 

Скумбрия - это очень вкусный и доступный продукт. Она прекрасно сочетается с молодым картофелем и другими гарнирами. 
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I ordered this with other things and I never received it I got everything else except this so I’m actually not happy at all will never order again.

Mackerel was as expected good and mildly salty. I would have preferred hot smoked versus cold smoked however I reside outside the delivery area for hot smoked. One concern. When I received the package it was left in the sun on my concrete step when I specified leave it inside the unlocked covered porch. That was FedEx. The other concern the package only had two cold packs inside that were warm and so were the fish. I refrigerated them right away not knowing if they perished or not but they stayed good

This fish was perfect, like in old Soviet time. Would order again!

Очень вкусная! ????????????

Very good, test like in childhood.

Fresh and flavorful - brought back memories of festive Sunday breakfasts in the USSR. Keeps well in the fridge. Will order again.

Very testy and delicately smoked fish. Excellent product. Great service. Thank you.

Smoked Mackerel was fresh and tasty. Also I liked that fish was very good packed for delivery.

Very good, would've given it 5 stars but no expiration date. Expiration dates are required because food safety is important. After arriving from the smokehouse the store shipped it to my house, then I refrigerated it. Does it have 1 week left? 2 weeks? 3? Who knows. I ordered this product from Haifa as well as smoked salmon. That package is missing an expiration date too. These products are excellent, but I don't want to use them sooner than I have to.

The fish was delicious, very mildly salted and very delicate in texture, we really enjoyed it. The delivery was fast and the product was perfectly packaged to keep easily perishable item very fresh. Excellent job!

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