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Very good!
I am new to kvass. I purchased this and "Ochakovskiy" from a different site.
I purchased your 3 varieties of "Vyatsky" from you.
Once I determine which is my favorite, I will be purchasing it regularly from you.
Saltier than expected, not bad overall
Delicious on a sour dough toast with some raw onion on top
Tasty, rich smoky flavor
Delicious and not very high in calories
Very good
This was my first time trying salo. I found it to be delicious))) I ate it on black bread(rye) with mustard, garlic, salt and pepper. I found no reason to wash the salt from the salo.
delicious sausage.
very tasty caviar.
Очень вкусная курочка, для салата идеально!
Спасибо, давно искал
This sausage is really good, next I'm going to order regular servelat, not made out of chicken.
Tasty, I was enjoying it this morning for breakfast. Highly recommend!
Awesome fat, I'm eating it right now while writing this, love it, don't wait and get it immediately.
Really fresh and yummy !
My husband, a U.S. Government food and drug scientist recently brought home a few pieces of Laima's Maigums, Riga Black Balsam Cherry individually wrapped chocolate candy, which a colleague of his brought into the office to share, after he returned from a trip to Lithuania. As a person of Polish descent, my husband knows my fondness of European chocolate, since I was raised with this particular appreciation. But this candy is some of the very BEST that I'd ever tasted - delicately and deliciously made, as if it were from heaven! I found the website, and I am going to order several boxes of this candy! CHEERS!
Excellent if fresh. Probably my favorite from all Rye breads
These are delicious! A favorite of both me and my sardine loving son-in-law. ♥
The locket was very nice with the exception of the piece inside. It was a cherry and did not dangle at all. Was not on a chain. It was not like what the picture showed on the inside. Was disappointed.
Nice familiar flavor from childhood
Этот продукт на любителя. Мне не очень понравилось. Я предпочитаю холодное копчение.
Очень вкусная и свежая.