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Абсолютно невозможно есть, не килька, а одно сплошное месиво. Очень жаль.
Good choice of candies with fruits inside. Will definitely to order again
Caviar is very good and delicious. Thank you
Sausage was inside the package all sticky. I had to wash it before using.
The candy was light and delicious. Not too sweet. I will definitely order it again.
Chocolate, Marshmallow and Coffee all in one round treat. Great with your favorite coffee and Tea.
Use this to Detox your Liver and remove toxins from the body, its work and will make you feel much better, feel cleaner and give you more energy.
I have been using this Tonic and others at RussianfoodUSA. They work, whether to detox the system or just give you more energy. My wife uses the Joint Tonics and feels the difference in her movement. I highly recommend you trying the different Tonics available .
Bitter taste - would not buy it again.
Hi all!
We have been buying Russian candies and cookies at Russian Food store for at least 3 summers.
We don't have any complains about their service. Usually, everything is fast and packed well.
Have a nice day!

Middlebury College
Davis School of Russian
Отличная крупа.
Соли больше чем должно быть.
Вкус хороший,но рыбы меньше чем соуса.
Not many people know how powerful that oil is. It's a great as a repellent, for respiratory problem and many other things..... Just ask Dr. Google
Great composition of ingredients! You can see immediately improvement in the skin. It becomes more supple.
Очень вкусно!!!
My husband said this real this is perfect
When you try this fruit never like others, I LOVED!!!
The best of the best only in Russian store all products
My husband enjoy the real bread for him