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Disappointed. The base is too small and not stable at all, the egg constantly falls from the base, maybe I should glue it or something
Good caviar, doesn't have fishy flavor. However, it was a little bit over salted to my taste.
Not lightly salted and the cuts are strips which I do not like. I am used to the lightly smoked/salted Scottish or Nova Type smoked salmon that is thinly sliced be hand. Disappointed that this is more like salty lox and will not buy again. There was no other choice online for smoked salmon for this amount.
the sprats are fine. The poptop tins are very difficult to open. They won't even open with an opener
Very delicious, didnt last an hour at chicken paprikash night with my coworkers.
Best tasting soda. Reminds me of the pizelle cookies as the flavor is similar. But overall it is very good. Will buy more.
I has been use this brand long time ago and how all the other creams that i has been use, this one have a extreme moisturization, no greasy. inmediate absortion.
My skin is very sensitive and the formula is so gently. I can use it in the morning and before to sleep. The recover and wake up appearance around the eyes is faster.
Roasted Sunflower Seeds are fresh, very good, high quality. Many years I am buying Roasted Sunflower Seeds "Ot Martina".
Thank you
Really very good.
Очень плохое качество и очень дорого. Заплатила за доставку столько же сколько стоит вобла. Вобла пересоленая есть не возможно всю выкинула. Никогда больше покупать с этого сайта не стану и другим не советую.
Wonderful chaga. Good taste. Russian chaga is worlds best!!!.
The best aerated milk chocolate in the world. Arrived to Texas in perfect condition.
Amazing tea. Very helpful, and healthful. I reccomend this tea very much. Good taste as well.
They are crunchy, fresh perfectly roasted and very tasty.
Helped to treat chest infection and shortness of breath.
Helped to reduce high blood pressure to normal.
Very bad tasting candy. It's usually my favorite kind, but this particular one is inedible. Insanely BITTER (worse than a shot of cognac) , had to spit it out and throw away the rest.
Not bad)) Just only surprised that its contain sugar((
These are very tasty cookies. They are sweeter than Kedem biscuits, have a nice chewy texture and wonderful baked milk smell.
These are slightly too sweet for my taste, but the package was very fresh and the zefirs had excellent texture.
The candies are very tasty, but I ordered black currant and received a bag with no black currant flavor candies :(. It was mix of apricot, black cherry, and strawberry. I will still order these again because they were quite good, but will have to double check the correct flavor when I receive the package.
These are not maslyata mushrooms but some other low quality kind, very chewy. Marinade is tasteless, not enough vinegar and salt. Disappointed.