Салями Браундшвегская, 320 - 340 г
Салями Браундшвегская, 320 - 340 г
$ 15.99
Бренд: Alef
Артикул: 200379

Салями Браундшвегская, 320 - 340 г

Сухая салями "Браундшвегская" - это натуральная копченая салями, изготовленная по традиционной немецкой рецептуре. 
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I used to buy this salami in a russian deli in Southern California: it was the only one that my entire family truly enjoyed. And then they just stopped carrying it. I was so upset! And now I am So excited to be able to order it through this site! Merry Christmas to me!

One of the best salami! Great treat!!

I was impress with this Salami a very nice and strong flavor is a excellent Salami

good, absolutely recommned

I bought this salami because I ate dry salami Braunschweiger in Russia but I was disappointed. This salami is too salt for me and is cutted hardly. I know that it is dry salami but I didn't meet these problems with salamy in Russia. One plus that it is fresh.

love this salami. second time purchasing it

ALEF MEAT has high quality salami ,real meat and excellent taste for sandwich,fullfilling when I don't have time at work for break.

Excellent quality. Thank you for delivery. Will be back soon.

Absolutely delicious.
I highly recommend this brand of salami.

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