Икорная закуска
Икорная закуска "Тарамасалата", 392 г
$ 11.99
Икорная закуска
Артикул: 201544

Икорная закуска "Тарамасалата", 392 г

Бренд: Krinos


Тарамасалата - паста в греческом стиле, приготовленная из копченой икры трески (тарама), смешанной с оливковым маслом, лимоном и специями.

Тарамасалат можно подавать как соус с овощами или в качестве пасты на несоленые крекеры.

Без консервантов.
Нет искусственных ингредиентов. не содержит лактозы.

Ингредиенты: Вода, рапсовое масло, икра трески, лимонный сок, овощной сок (как краситель), молочная кислота, уксусная кислота.

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This is delicious spread on a cracker and accompanied by a cold beer.

Отличное свежее икорное масло. Буду заказывать в будущем

This was my first time trying this product as I wanted a taste of red caviar but could not find a good quality anywhere and did not want the risk of spending a lot on something I did not care for. This product is excellent!!! There is definite taste of red caviar in it--I was pleasantly surprised. A lucky find of new food that I will be ordering more of in the future! Thank you for this RussianFoods!

Just like always consistent

I have been enjoying this brand of taramasalata for years. A wonderful product. Did you know that back in 2019 KRINOS discontinued production due to a world-wide shortage of the 'active ingredient', carp roe? Anyway, KRINOS is back!
Russian FOOD USA's online retail price is very fair, though shipping is, for a jar or two, quite understandably high. What to do? I ordered a dozen jars at once that got me free shipping! The product keeps beautifully in the 'back-up' refrigerator.
What price pleasure?

Love it, I will order it again. Glad for the opportunity because can't find it anymore on the local market.

I was delighted to find this product on line since our local market no longer is able to get it. It is one of my husband's treats on English muffins for breakfast.

excellent service packed cold and arrived very fast would definitely order from them againi

Very good, always consistent, the best taramasalata on the market

Very good, tastes as expected

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