Зимняя черная армейская шапка-ушанка с кокардой СССР, 58 размер
Зимняя черная армейская шапка-ушанка с кокардой СССР, 58 размер
$ 19.99
Артикул: 202760

Зимняя черная армейская шапка-ушанка с кокардой СССР, 58 размер



Такие шапки-ушанки были основным зимним головным убором военнослужащих срочной службы Советской Армии, Внутренних Войск и пр. воинских формирований СССР на протяжении нескольких десятилетий, совершенно не меняясь внешне и по материалам.

Сейчас же они служат напоминанием о прошедшей эпохе, а так же модным и теплым аксессуаром. 

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I really love this hat! It's warm and soft, and I can wear it around the house whenever I want to. The 58/M fits me, and I am a 16 year old girl at 5'4" (at the time that I am typing this). You may want to look up a measurement tool or use this one to help you determine what size you want: https://www.jasfashion.com.au/buying/buying-guides/head-n-hat-size-guide/

The pin won't be a normal pin, but they will include a little instruction manual on how to attach it. The hat itself will be hard to put the pin through because of its thickness, so they recommend using Phillips screwdrivers, nail file, or blunt tools instead of knives or other sharp tools. There is a little flap on the front (they call it a forehead pad) that is separate from the actual hat part, and that is where the pin goes.

Since the hat arrives in March 20, 2021 (I ordered it on March 17, 2021, and it arrived surprisingly fast!) I cannot say that it works well in colder weather. If I remember to update this, I will when it gets colder outside.

The cost of the hat in total for me is $24.98 with taxes and shipping costs, so $25. I didn't order any special shipping costs, and the normal one is if I remember correctly $4.99. This may vary on where you live. I live in Nebraska, USA, and their headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The box will come in a smaller one than probably expected, so just make sure that it is the hat. It will come in a brown cardboard box with the words, "RUSSIAN SHOPPEINC 221 24TH STREET BROOKLYN NY 11232. I tore the box open before I could read it correctly, so there might be a mistake somewhere. It is 8.2 in (20.2cm) long, 6.4 in (16cm) wide, and 4.5 in (11 cm) tall. There will be 2 slips of paper in there, one detailing how to put the pin in, and another detailing the item description and the total shipped items.

So overall, I love this hat! I just hope that other pins can work with it so I don't look like I support the atrocities that the Soviet Union did.

Warm and durable at an unbeatable price

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