Шпроты в масле
Шпроты в масле "Рижское золото" (стекл. банка), 250 г
$ 5.99
Шпроты в масле
Артикул: 202127

Шпроты в масле "Рижское золото" (стекл. банка), 250 г

Бренд: Riga Gold


Шпроты "Рижское золото" - это сочетание традиций и качества. 

Рижские шпроты отличаются своим крупным размером, чудесным вкусом, равномерной консистенцией. Они будут хороши с белым и черным хлебом, с овощами и долькой лимона. 

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я ел эту рыбу всю свою жизнь. шопроти и хлеб - лучшее сочетание

The product I received was not Riga Gold, however, the product I received was an excellent substitute. I will order again as I desire the product. Thanks to your business for quality products and service!!!

Excellent taste, good quality

excellent product . The glass jar is easier to open and store than the can.

Jar that I have received was a little different than what is pictured on the website.
The picture is of "Riga Gold", the jar that I received is "House of Fish, Baltic sprats in oil", "Product of EU"
Have not opened them yet to see if any difference in taste. Hope this is just a different label and contents are the same as the "Riga Gold" that I am used to.

Perfect portion.
Very fresh.
Nice delivery.

Delicious!!! Great subtle smoky flavor. Tender. No bones. Fabulous antipasti item. Great with shaved onions, black pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Serve with sliced crusty French stick/baguette and a schmear of Dukes Mayonnaise.


these sprats taste much better than canned. I'd highly recommend these.

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