Рулет маковый, 1 шт
Рулет маковый, 1 шт
$ 7.99
Рулет маковый, 1 шт

Рулет маковый, 1 шт

Артикул: 200171

Маковый рулет изготавливается из дрожжевого теста с вкуснейшей маковой начинкой. Идеальное дополнение к чаепитию! 

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Delicious!!! So YUMMY!!! Best poppy seed rulet I've ever tried! BUT be aware of raisins in it!!! Please DO NOT put raisins in poppy seed rulet! - It is not a raisin cake! We DON'T want raisins in our poppy seed rulet!!!

poppy seeds aren't very fresh but taste is very good


I don't really like sweets but this is so good!

This is the best poppyseed roll I have ever tasted. It was fresh, moist, and you get a lot for your money. Even though stores in my area sell poppyseed rolls also, I will continue to order them from russianfoodusa.com, because theirs are the best.

This is very tasty bakery! But the size is big. Our family consists of 3 members and I would prefer to buy mini Poppy seed rulets. You used to have them for purchase but not any more. It would be lovely to have them back!

good dough and creamy soft poppy seed/raisin filling. Delish!

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