Хлеб с высоким содержанием диетических волокон
Хлеб с высоким содержанием диетических волокон "Vilnus", 700 г
$ 6.79
Хлеб с высоким содержанием диетических волокон
Артикул: 201986

Хлеб с высоким содержанием диетических волокон "Vilnus", 700 г



В своем составе хлеб черный с диетическими волокнами содержит витамины: А, Е, группы В, РР, микроэлементы: железо, магний, калий, аминокислоты в т.ч. лизин (незаменимый для восстановления и роста тканей), ферменты и белки, необходимые человеку. Важным положительным свойством ржаного хлеба является огромное содержание пищевых волокон, которые побуждают кишечник работать, очищают организм от шлаков и токсинов, устраняют запоры.

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Very dense and good taste. Real Rye! You only need thin slices because it is dense.
Thank you. Will buy more when I run out.

Очень вкусный хлеб!

The bread was a hit. It arrived well packaged with a cold pack so the shipping to Canada was no problem. I will order this again! The service from the on-line chat was superb!

I love this Lithuanian rye bread. Dense, chewy, slightly sour rye with a hint of caraway. Great toasted with butter and a little salt. I’m addicted and have it shipped to the Deep South. Worth the shipping cost because real rye bread is hard if not impossible to find here. I get a few loaves at a time. I used to get a 3 LB darker loaf but cannot find it in your catalog.

too dark and too dense

This was the best bread that I ever had since I had authentic Ukrainian bread in Kiev. Highly recommend for folks who are familiar with Ukrainian bread.

Highly recommend, excellent flavor and texture, slices beautifully.

I'm actually from Vilnius, Lithuania, and I can happily report that this is 100% real Lithuanian black bread, and it tastes amazing. The loaves I ordered were also surprisingly fresh!

Delicious. Real rye flavor.

Treat for the whole family. Staple on our table since we lived in Brooklyn. Now we can get bread like this even up here in God's Country.

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