Суп "Грибной" (Солянка грибная), 720 г
$ 4.59
Бренд: Dworek
Артикул: 200229

Суп "Грибной" (Солянка грибная), 720 г

Солянка в меру острая, чуть с кислинкой, с кусочками грибов, с богатым набором специй.
Дополнить суп можно любимыми ингредиентами: копченостями, беконом, шкварками, маринованными огурчиками, орехами или черносливом.
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Literally tastes like HOME MADE! When i am sick, all i want is soup from scratch-i do not buy canned soup, and obviously, if i am sick, i do not have the strength to make soup myself, so this is what i eat! i believe that for colds and flu, people should not take all kinds of pills, it should be soup and tea, and so whenever i shop here, i get many jars of my favorite soups so that when i DO get sick, i don't have to worry, and this soup will surely make you feel healthy again, because it is delicious, healthy, and all natural, without all kinds of preservatives and chemicals-it is what it is supposed to be! thanks Russian Shop for making people happy and promoting good health, and healthy eating habits! i would highly recommend this soup!

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