Бекон копченый Венгерский Kolozsvary, 450 - 680г
Бекон копченый Венгерский Kolozsvary, 450 - 680г
$ 17.99
Бекон копченый Венгерский Kolozsvary, 450 - 680г
Артикул: 200107

Бекон копченый Венгерский Kolozsvary, 450 - 680г



Kolozsvari - традиционный венгерский копченый бекон из свинины высшего сорта, приправленной солью и чесноком. Отведайте его с кусочком свежего ржаного хлеба, натертого чесноком.
Превосходная упаковка позволяет сохранить продукт свежим в течение длительного времени.

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Hungarian Smoked Bacon Kolozvari is very tasty and normal in salt, I recommend it to everyone who loves bacon

Wonderful bacon. If you like your meat tough and chewy, this will work great for you.
Honestly, I don't like crunchy and crispy bacon too much, so this works great for me.

I enjoyed everything I ordered. Quick service. Products were great. The Hungarian smoked bacon, very very good. Absolutely no complaints here


Best for cooking in cabbage or soups, cubed or whole. Great with beans also. NOT for bacon and eggs really. Can eat without cooking

This smoked Bacon is excellent and very intensive flavor I used for make Pasta Carbonara and was a hit!!!

We are completely satisfied with the staff and delivery too. Thank you again.

Not eatable: very, very hard to bite and chew! I'm completely disappointed!

Smoky and full of flavour! Perfect to pan-fried potatoes with Kefir.

very tasty!

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