Осетрина горячего копчения, 0.7 - 1.0 lb / 320 - 453 г
Осетрина горячего копчения, 0.7 - 1.0 lb / 320 - 453 г
$ 12.99
Артикул: 200095

Осетрина горячего копчения, 0.7 - 1.0 lb / 320 - 453 г



Осетрина по праву считается деликатесным, царским и редким лакомством, достойным всевозможных почестей.

При довольно невысокой жирности мясо осетровых имеет утонченный, изысканный вкус.

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A very delicate taste! A real treat!

It's good. Love it.

Use to be a good product, but now is junk...do not buy!! Terrible taste and completely different quality.
Atlanta Smoke House has high quality and low quality of this product. RF USA tries to sell now a low-end product
from ASH ($7.99 they price) as a high end for us for $16.00. Shame on you RF USA !!!

Not a sturgeon I know. This product is too dry, too salty, too rubbery. There is much better quality hot smoked sturgeon in walk-in Russian stores. I will not buy it again and I will avoid this producer (Atlanta Smoke House). Perhaps it was just a bad batch. I hope RussionFoodUSA finds better supplier for this product. Thank you.

i usually get their fish and always liked it. this one is not my favorite, do not know, too chewy, or the taste is not my favorite. but may be it is just me.

Вкусный рыбный деликатес, но немного пересолен и дороговат.

Great fish and great taste. Will buy it again.

The texture is rubbery and there is no much taste or flavor. If you know what real sturgeon taste like, you won't buy it again.

Very delicious and fresh will recommend

Super dry... won’t recommend

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