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Russian Navy Telnyashka - As Used by The Russian Navy

The Russian Navy telnyashka is a very popular undergarment for sale that has been used by the Russian Navy for many years to help keep the troops warm and comfortable during outdoor performances in extreme cold situations. It has allowed the army to conquer many difficult tasks while remaining warm and comfortable enough to think and perform at its greatest ability. Since the success of the telnyashka with the Russian Navy, many other professions have decided to adopt the undergarmet as well, providing the quality warmth and comfort needed to allow optimum performance. 

The Russian Navy shirt is a quality particle that delivers a satisfactory punch to its wearers that is absolutely appreciated. The feel, the comfort, the warmth, the durability and the performance has allowed the wearer great satisfaction that has kept a smile on the wearers face which has lead to the popularity of this garment over the years. How are you staying so warm in this cold weather and performing so effective? they ask. The telnyashka is the answer. 

With its double knitting feature of its manufactoring, your shirt will provide you with added thickness that not only provides warmth but durability that lasts multiple cold seasons, year after year. Telnyashka only uses high quality knit, which in addition, wicks away any form of moisture build up that may occur do to over heating in many situations and keeps you dry. 

This Russian Navy shirt offers some incredible features that offers outstanding benefits to its wearer. Not only are you granted the advantage of quality knit that provides a level of warmth for cold conditions but quality navy blue color that mesmorizes, looks stylish when you wear it solely. Below is a list of features and benefits that you will receive when purchasing one of these Russian Navy shirts.

Double Knitted Content - Warmth and comfort
• 100% cotton - Skin breathability
• 9-12 mm wide alternating navy and white horizontal stripes - Style
• Long sleeves - Warmth 
• Close fit - Comfort and performance

A great gift for a man who is an avid participant in fishing, hiking, traveling, hunting or construction. Helps keep the man warm and productive for hours and hours without feeling uncomfortable is such regard and not having to worry about catching a cold. 

Once one has experienced the privilege of staying warm and comfortable in this high performing undergarment, they will be glad with the investment. Find out why the Russian Navy has used this undergarment in cold weathers for years in the most extreme occurences. It`s for sale to the public for only $19.99! Pick one of for yourself, a friend or family member. You cannot go wrong with a gift as thoughtful and effective as this. Show that you care and amaze!
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