Ассорти конфет от фабрик
Ассорти конфет от фабрик "Roshen" и "Славянка", 1.36 кг
$ 20.69
Ассорти конфет от фабрик
Артикул: 205412

Ассорти конфет от фабрик "Roshen" и "Славянка", 1.36 кг

Бренд: Chocolate Candy Mix


Все богатое разнообразие шоколадных и карамельных конфет от лидирующих кондитерских фабрик России и Украины. 

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Самые лучшие конфеты в мире. Не можно победить Рошен.

Roshen… one of the best and delicious candy in the world.
I just want to make an order from the factory . Please send me more information about it.
Thanks in advance.

What a great selection of candy! Will order again!

I purchased this candy for my daughter for Christmas. I was not expecting much and thought it would be stale. This was the best candy I have ever had. Of course, I had to taste test it! Wow! Russian candy is so good. Not overly sweet like American candy. Every piece I had was very fresh and oh so tasty . . . and I taste tested many pieces. Thank you for the great service and the superb selection of fresh candies. This was a great collection too. Many different kinds of candy!

Good variety

Happy with it!

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