Колбаса Докторская, 0.4 кг
Колбаса Докторская, 0.4 кг
$ 9.99
Колбаса Докторская, 0.4 кг
Артикул: 202574

Колбаса Докторская, 0.4 кг

Бренд: Alef


Докторская домашняя колбаса, вариант Болонской колбасы Мортаделла, знакомый всем с детства. 

Докторская колбаса отличается нежным вкусом и разнообразием вариантов ее приготовления и употребления. 

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Very deliscious. I enjoyed very much. I admit I bought this to make Jagdwurst Schnitzel with Tomato Sauce Pasta. It is a wonderful snack if you slice thin and put on a piece of bread.

Delicious. Will buy again

Колбаса вкусная но не очень напоминает ту при союзе. Немного жестковата.
Но все равно не плохо.

Вкуснейшая Колбаса! Рекомендую.

You didn’t have it in stock after showing it available, but way worse, you didn’t bother to inform me by email that the item (and it wasn’t the only one), wouldn’t be coming. This happens ALL the time and I’ve been ordering from you for some time. You just throw what you have in a box and send it, without the common courtesy and respect for your customer, of informing your customer by email that certain items won’t be coming.
Other companies manage to do this! Sloppy maintenance of your website which doesn’t update in real time, and worse, bad customer service.

Очень вкусная Докторская колбаса!

A very good example of bologna

my favorite

Mine and my wife's favorite Doctorskaya! Enjoy sandwiches with it!

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